Welcome to Sagewood Wellness Center!

Sagewood Wellness Center

Welcome To Sagewood Wellness Center

In order to spotlight the care and consideration I bring to every client relationship, I provide a soothing and calming environment. More importantly, this helps to facilitate proper relaxation and healing when treating clients for pain, injury, stress and anxiety.

Services I provide for client’s include:

My Mission

At Sagewood Wellness Center my ultimate goal is to assist others to restore and maintain optimal wellness. I recognize that wellness combines a healthy body, mind and spirit. To help promote this integrated wellness approach, I specialize in a variety of disciplines and techniques. I partner with my clients to facilitate healing; I listen to health needs, work to evaluate and treat the source of discomfort, and provide clients with knowledge and resources to promote health and well-being. At Sagewood, I’m committed to providing quality care supported by the highest standards of education, training and credentials. I’m dedicated to healing, health and wellness while honoring the spirit within and respecting each person’s humanity and individuality.

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