Certified Reiki Master / Teacher

Levels I, II & III (Master Teacher)

Reiki - Sagewood Wellness Center

Reiki – Sagewood Wellness Center

Reiki means Spiritually Guided Universal Life Force Energy. It is a safe, gentle, profound hands-on form of healing. It is a simple process which can easily be learned by anyone through an initiated Reiki Master.

A Reiki practitioner accesses the Source of Life (also known as God, Goddess, Prana, Mana, Chi, Ki, Life Force, etc.) to promote healing or increase wellness on all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. It can be used on self and others to promote deep relaxation, restore balance, reduce pain, increase energy, and produce or enhance a general feeling of well-being. Because Reiki is spiritually guided, it goes wherever the receiver needs it most and supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It can be used as an adjunct to any other form of therapy, and may be effective in cases that do not respond to other forms of healing.

Reiki initiation attunes the practitioner to become a channel for Reiki, and can be a powerful, life-changing experience for growth along your spiritual path.

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