Do you or someone you know suffer from reocurring headaches?  If so, read on; you may find the solution in this post.

Many people suffering from headaches are also victims of whiplash.  Now, before you say “I’ve never had whiplash”, consider this: getting rear-ended by a car moving at 5 MPH can cause whiplash.  So what is whiplash? the most common type is cervical (neck) whiplash, but the lumbar spine (low back) can also be traumatized by whiplash. All it takes is for the neck or low back to be quickly, forcefully and unexpectedly thrust- “whipped” -forward and backward (or side-to-side.) As the neck whips forward, for instance, the muscles surrounding the cervical and/or lumbar spine  immediately contract in an attempt to protect the spine from injury.  This protective response can cause injury to the soft tissues.

Other causes: bicycle accidents as a child may be a root cause of pain as an adult; sports injuries resulting from contact sports such as football, where a player experiences being hit, or soccer players who hit the ball with their heads. Falls can cause whiplash, too, and just about any event which causes the head to whip forward and backward, or side-to-side, can cause whiplash.