Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is Nueromuscular Therapy (NMT) the same as physical therapy?
A: No. It’s physical, and it’s therapy, but it’s not “Physical Therapy”. It’s very detailed, specific, hands-on soft tissue therapy designed to balance the nervous system with the muscular system, and return injured, inflamed and/or painful muscles, tendons and ligaments to a pain-free healthy state. Additional information about Neuromuscular Therapy can be found HERE and HERE.


Q: How often and for how long will I need to come for therapy?
A: It’s not a cookie-cutter therapy. Everyone’s needs are different; the length of time it takes / number of sessions depends on a number of factors: the chronicity and severity of the pain/injury, and how committed and involved the individual is in their healing process. I always tell people that they are 50% of the solution; they need to participate in their healing process, not just leave it in my hands.


Q: Do people who just want to be healthy and are not injured come to you for therapy?
A: Yes, absolutely. I have quite a number of clients who lead active, health-conscious lifestyles who want to maintain and/or improve their health in order to continue with their healthy lifestyles. Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), sports massage, therapeutic massage, wellness coaching, Integrative Mind-Body Therapy (IMBT), and Reiki, all help to support and enhance a healthy lifestyle.


Q: How does Holistic Counseling work?
A: Holistic Counseling is a combination of holistic and cognitive modalities that are effective in helping to overcome “negative” emotions and dysfunctional blocks.  To help you achieve your goals, and to help you let go of and heal the cause of your blocks, I use a variety of Energy Psychology methods.. Integrative Mind-Body Therapy can assist in correcting patterns of behavior such as procrastination, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, phobias, anxiety, past traumas, grief, etc., which keep us stuck in old patterns and prevent us from living our best lives. Additional information about Holistic Counseling can be found HERE and HERE.


Q: Do you take insurance?
A: Neuromuscular Therapists (NMTs), bodyworkers, and massage therapists are not state licensed in CA, so insurance plans will not cover my services. I’m board certified and California certified, but as of today, there is no state licensure for NMTs.


Q: Do you offer gift Certificates?
A: Yes. Gift Certificates may be purchased for friends and loved ones contacting Maria directly. Gift Certificate make the perfect gift for Birthdays and Holidays or for anyone who is dealing with pain or stress. 

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