I’m often asked to describe what I do as a Neuromuscular Therapist.   I explain that it’s a bit difficult to put into words; it’s much easier to understand when you experience it.   However, here’s how I describe what I do: I specialize in injury rehabilitation and prevention.  My expertise is to provide relief from minor, severe, and chronic soft tissue pain resulting from athletic activities, sports, stress, accidents, sprains or strains, repetitive motion,  and “daily living” activities. In my work, I explore and take into consideration not only what caused the initial injury/pain/discomfort, but also assess what factors in a person’s daily routine could be perpetuating it.  I work with the individual to make modifications in their daily activities (when possible) to reduce or eliminate those perpetuating factors, and make suggestions for exercises to help deepen the work that I do. Often, people are not aware that making some simple changes can help alleviate much of their discomfort.