Detox - Natural Detox TipsDetox diets and cleanses are all the rage, but do they really work? I read an article this week that I thought was so useful and informative that I just had to share it with my audience. The article titled “28 Simple & Natural Ways to Detox your Body” caught my eye because I firmly believe in holistic and natural care of the body whenever possible. Detox cleansing is often misunderstood and has come to mean many things by many people. Many cleansing products may even be harmful to your body depending on ingredients and how they are taken. More importantly, cleansing shouldn’t be an isolated, one-time event. Cleansing is much more holistically safe if done on a day-to-day basis through proper habits. It can be worked into your lifestyle in a safe and effective manner as the article points out:

We hear so much about cleansing and may wonder just how beneficial it can be. A proper cleansing or good habits for naturally detoxifying the body can really help you to achieve amazing health benefits. The notion of a simple detox program should be integrated into a healthy lifestyle to give you the best results.

Just as you focus on the foods that you eat and proper exercise, there are many other elements to living your best and healthiest lifestyle. Not only do these things factor into detoxifying your body, but there are other simple and highly effective ways to do so as well. We take a look at the 28 simplest, most natural, and undoubtedly most effective ways of getting the bad toxins out and welcoming in the elements that your body needs.

Top 5 Simple & Natural Ways to Detox your BodyI strongly encourage you to go through all 28 detox tips as they are very useful. As a matter of fact, I practice almost all of them myself on a regular basis. Go through the complete list, try some of the suggestions, and see what works best for your body, activity level, diet and lifestyle.

Due to how comprehensive the list was, I had a hard time picking my favorites, but after much consideration, I’ve compiled my “Top 5 Detox Tips” from the list of 28, to share with you here:

  1. DETOX Tip #1 – Replace a meal each day with a detoxifying smoothie – I add green veggies to my Juice Plus+ smoothie powder and drink it as a replacement meal, usually for lunch. Helps to cleanse my body, and keep my digestive system working great! Juice Plus Complete is also a whole food concentrate and is the perfect solution for balanced nutrition on-the-go.
  2. DETOX Tip #3 – A good intense massage – Deep tissue massage and especially Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is so helpful for detoxifying! Painful Tigger Points (TrPs) can often develop as a result of accumulated toxins and when I release the TrPs, it also releases toxins that can get stuck in muscle tissues. Sports Massage can also be helpful in detoxing the body, which I do for many athletes.
  3. DETOX Tip #14 – Learn to incorporate superfoods into each meal – I have a very healthy diet, and I do this as much as possible, but I also take my Juice Plus+ capsules daily to bridge the gap between what I eat every day and what I should eat! More than 30 research studies have been conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world, spotlighting benefits of adding Juice Plus+ to your diet.
  4. DETOX Tip # 16 – Learn to properly manage your stress – This one goes along with with #’s 13 and 22: yoga/exercise and meditation, 2 of the primary ways in which I manage stress. I cannot emphasize this enough as stress creates toxicity in the body which can lead to chronic symptoms, including heart disease and hypertension, just to name a few.
  5. DETOX TIP #22 – Learn to meditate and incorporate this into your life each day – Helps me stay grounded, focused, centered, and peaceful. This may in fact be the most important tip on the list because it’s how I start my day. When I don’t meditate in the morning, I feel it throughout the rest of the afternoon and sometimes longer.

15 Foods That Naturally Detox and Cleanse the Body - Infographic. So now that we’ve discussed some great tips on what to focus on to keep the body free of harmful toxins, let’s look at a few things to avoid. When exploring ways to keep the body detoxed naturally, make sure to avoid the following:

  1. Artificial Sweeteners – Think artificial sweeteners contain no calories or sugar and are safe? Think again. Studies show that regular consumption of artificial sweeteners like aspartame (found in most diet sodas) may actually lead to weight gain and toxicity. They can also trigger our bodies to crave other sweets and sugar.
  2. Skipping Meals – Skipping meals may seem productive as a weight-loss solution, but in reality it is a major cause of weight gain. Doing so will also slow down your metabolism as well as make you more susceptible to toxicity from environmental factors and compromised immune systems. You’ll also end up consuming many more calories than you would have if you weren’t so hungry in the first place.
  3. Lack of Sleep – Poor sleep is a big cause of ill health in our culture as it so often gets pushed aside in our active and hyper-driven society. Remember that stress is dangerous and lack of sleep tends to increases stress levels. Also make sure to eliminate caffeine and alcohol at least two hours before bedtime as they can have a detrimental effect on sleep patterns and create their own toxicity levels.
  4. Too Much Supplementation – Go back to basics when it comes to getting your vitamins. Too often, we supplement instead of just protecting our bodies with whole foods. For maximum natural detoxification, build your meals using a colorful range of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. For more insight on Vitamin Supplementation, be sure to check out my recent post:  The Science of Vitamins – What Your Body Needs & How To Get It (Infographic).

Follow these helpful guidelines for detoxing naturally and you should start feeling the positive effects on your body right away. Remember not to resort to quick-fix detox plans. Eliminate your bad diet habits the safe, easy and effective way instead.

Have a balanced Day! ~Maria



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