You Don’t Have to Live With the Pain

11 Jun 2012

In most instances, our pain is caused by injured or tight muscles and tendons. Over the years, due to stress, injuries, too much or too little exercise and lack of stretching, our muscles and tendons (soft tissue) become tighter and tighter, creating imbalances and resulting in severe or chronic pain. Often, people walk around with chronic pain, sometimes for years, resigned to the belief that there is nothing they can do about it, except having surgery or taking pain pills, muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatory medication.  Generally, the medical community is limited in their resources when it comes to eliminating pain derived from injured or tight inflamed soft tissue.  Their tendency.

Glycogen Depletion During Athletic Exercise

11 Jun 2012

Glycogen Depletion During Athletic Exercise   Glucose, the primary source of fuel for all body cells, is derived primarily from carbohydrates, although, if needed, glucose can also be metabolized from protein. After a meal, some of the glucose not used immediately for fuel travels to the liver or skeletal muscles, where it is converted to a compound called Glycogen–through a process called glycogenesis–and stored for energy.  Any excess glucose not needed for storage as glycogen is then stored in adipose tissue as fat. The liver has a greater capacity for glycogen storage than muscle: Liver cells can typically store up to 8% of their weight as glycogen, while muscle cells can.

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