12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For The Health-ConsciousIt’s the last week of the Christmas shopping season, and if you’re like most, you still have some items left on your shopping list (if not the whole thing!) Here are some great health-conscious suggestions for last minute gift ideas, most under $50.

It can be hard enough finding the right gift for that special someone as it is, but when it comes to crunch time, Christmas shopping can really get overwhelming. On top of that, you haven’t been able to come up with any good gifts ideas for the health & fitness nut on your list. Or maybe you’re the healthy one and you’re looking for the perfect health & wellness gift idea for those who could use a little help after the holiday meals settle.

Here are some great last minute Christmas gift ideas for the health-minded, some of which you may even be able to get express shipping on before Santa arrives:


Customized & Monogrammed Yoga Mat1) Custom Embroidered Yoga Mat : $40

Create your own custom Yoga mat, embroidered with up to 10 characters (more letters or additional embroidery may be special ordered). Choose from 20 colors, 23 seam colors and six font styles to design a very nice custom mat for the Yoga buff on your list. You can even pick one up for yourself while you’re at it. Mats arrive in gift bags tied with coordinating satin ribbon.



Zobha Essential Yoga Mat Carrier 

2) Zobha Essential Yoga Mat Carrier : $50

The Essential Mat Carrier is a great gift idea for anyone into yoga and fits your new (or comfortably broken-in) mat and all the necessities for your yoga practice in a stylish, streamlined sling design. Stay centered and organized at the same time – now that’s balance!




Fitbit Fitness Tracker3) Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker : $49

The Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker is compatible with most Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Phone devices and keeps tabs on your steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. Fitbit products easily interface with fitness apps you may already be using (e.g., Myfitnesspal, Loseit) and offer fun award-style badges to celebrate your hard work. There’s even a food plan tool on the Fitbit website that helps you monitor and modify your calorie consumption to kick your overall health into high gear.  It’s available in your choice of five colors: white, black, blue, magenta and lime.


Cuisinart SmartStick Immersion Blender


4) Cuisinart SmartStick Immersion Blender : $50

For the healthy chef who needs a new toy. You’ll whip up slim soups, wholesome smoothies, and more with this easy gadget—and just maybe the gift-giver will turn into a taste-tester. Simple push-button controls and lightweight design for one-handed operation.




Fabletics Athletic Scarf

5) Fabletics Athletic Scarf $15

Give the gift of a cozy post-workout walk home (or to the car) with this athletic scarf from Kate Hudson‘s new fitness brand, Fabletics. Not only is it perfect for fighting the chill after a hard sweat session, but it’s great for travel, too. Never have to worry about getting wool or woven scarves sweaty after a winter spin class or jog. This is perfect, and totally washable like any other workout gear.





 Gym Membership or Massage Gift Certificate

6) Gym Membership Or Massage Gift Certificate : $ Varies

Some of the best gifts we can bestow upon the ones we care about are the gifts that enrich their lives. For the healthy-minded looking for a new workout spot, a full or partial gym membership is a great Christmas gift, as they’ll be all too eager to shed those unwanted pounds after the holidays. For those not so active or for anyone dealing with stress, anxiety, sports injury or chronic pain, a gift certificate for massage or Neruomuscular Therapy, is a great way to say ‘Merry Christmas and I hope you feel better’!


Bodum Tea For One



7) Bodum Tea For One $20

An easy method for brewing loose tea and certainly a gift that keeps on giving. The Tea For One set from Bodum, is an elegant double-wall glass mug with an easily removed strainer. The lid keeps the tea warm while brewing and doubles as a trivet. Include a tin of green, herbal or chai tea to complete this calming gift idea for the person on your list looking for some extra ‘zen’ time.




Skullcandy Chops Bud


8) Skullcandy Chops Bud $20

Music is a must for any high-intensity workout, but those old earbuds just wont cut it. These Skullcandy Chops Bud are a high-quality pick that stay put and don’t come with an exorbitant price tag. It also doesn’t hurt that these headphones have an ultra modern design and come in a ton of bright and fun colors, like this hot-pink offering.




9) Eau Good Water Bottle with Charcoal Filter $20Eau Good Water Bottle with Charcoal Filter

You can’t get in a great workout or a fat burning Pilates session without making sure you stay hydrated. This eco-friendly vessel holds 27 ounces and features a wide mouth with natural Binchotan charcoal filter for purifying tap water. Nice design, innovative look, and an affordable and easy to use filter make this a perfect gift idea for the health-minded person on the go.




Perfect Portions Digital Scale


10) Perfect Portions Digital Scale $40

The Perfect Portions digital scale is the ultimate kitchen tool for a healthy lifestyle. It’s a food scale and a nutritional calculator all in one, allowing users to see just how many calories they’re getting set to eat or drink. Users get help controlling portions and making healthier choices with every bite.

Whole Foods Encyclopedia

11) The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Resource for Healthy Eating $17

The latest edition of The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia shows consumers how to select, prepare, store, and use more than 1,000 familiar and unusual foods to maintain optimum health and heal what ails them. Updated edition includes more than two hundred new entries, a new index featuring home remedies, resources for hard-to-find foods and healthy sidebar recipes throughout. A great library addition for the health and wellness food fan on your list.





Healthy Restaurant Gift Cards


12) Gift Card For Healthy Restaurant Or Organic Market : $20-$50

Gift cards have long been the Christmas shopping procrastinator’s fallback, but if you’re going to take the easy way out, at least try do it with a health and wellness mindset. If you live here in Orange County and other parts of Southern California, there are more than enough healthy choices when it comes to food. You can use the link above to order gift cards for just about any restaurant in your area. You can even order e-gift cards, bulk & group cards and even personalize your own gift card to send to someone special.



Other Healthy Gift Ideas

When it comes to finding the right gift for the health-conscious, you have more options than you may realize. While the gift ideas listed here are great for last-minute ideas, it is by no means a complete list. If you’re looking for a healthy-minded gift idea for someone who loves to cook, a gourmet or healthy cooking class is a great idea. Cooking classes are also a great gift idea for couples who may be looking to spend more time together while learning to be more healthy. Meditation courses can also make a great gift for the more spiritually centered, or those looking to become so.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for someone looking to get healthy or lose weight, a complete health transformation or daily whole food supplement program might be something that could enrich and transform their lives. No better feeling than that as a gift-giver!

If you’re on a budget and looking for an all-natural gift idea that you can make yourself, I found some great ideas here . These are also great recipes for stocking stuffers or healthy craft ideas for the kids.

Whatever gift ideas you decide on for Christmas, be sure to remember what the holidays are all about; togetherness, family and loving one another.

Merry Christmas and Have a Balanced New Year! ~Maria




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Maria Martos - Sagewood Wellness Center - San Juan Capistrano - Nueromuscular Therapy

Maria Martos – Owner & Founder of Sagewood Wellness Center

Maria Martos is the Executive Director and Founder of the Cancer Support and Education Program, and has been owner of Sagewood Wellness Center for 20 years. As a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, Maria specializes in the treatment of severe, chronic or minor pain, as well as injury rehabilitation and prevention. She holds a certification in Sports Massage providing her with expertise to evaluate and address athletic injuries and to help professional and recreational athletes improve their athletic performance. Maria is also Board Certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.  She holds a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, and offers Holistic Counseling, focusing on Integrative Mind-Body Therapy to help individuals uncover and remove unconscious blocks that limit them from living their best lives.  She is also a Reiki Master and Teacher, and has worked in the health care field for over 25 years. Her passion and life’s calling is to help others not just survive, but thrive in the face of challenges.