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“After unsuccessful treatment and physical therapy, I was referred to Maria Martos by a colleague who had had his rotator cuff injury healed by her. Just meeting her brought relief as she sat down with me, assessed my condition, shared her assessment and began treatment. I did not have bursitis of the hip or spondylolithesis – two diagnoses that warranted doctor’s telling me that I would never run again and to sell my horse in order to prevent further injury – I had a strained Piriformis muscle. After my first visit, I went home with my pain relieved, stretching exercises to do in between sessions, and hope. Lots of hope!!!! The neuromuscular therapy that she has given me not only healed my condition but gave me back my lifestyle. Now I see her for maintenance therapy to keep my body in tip top shape as I have resumed running, horseback riding, as well as other types of physical activity. I have referred MANY people to her over the years who report the same results. Maria is a life saver!”

Sue Bedrosian

“I was referred to Maria Martos by a friend because I had injured my hip running. I had been living with the nagging pain for over a year and no massage therapist I visited could help me . My doctor told me it was bursitis and gave me pain medication. I was not convinced it was. I decided I had nothing to lose by seeing Maria. The first visit she spent listening and assessing my pain. The result of that first visit was that I had knotted the muscles around my hip and with work and patience I could resume my lifestyle. Maria has a working knowledge of the muscle groups and the nerves that innervate those muscles. She and I worked together to get those muscles back into correct order. I helped with the stretching exercises religiously and she with the therapeutic massage. I have resumed my lifestyle! I still go to Maria for maintenance. Wouldn’t miss a session! I am an RN and have referred multiple people to Maria. I trust her with anyone! ”

Donna Douglas

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